Urban Planning Project for the sustainable spatial development of medium and small cities across Saudi Arabia

SALFO & Associates Saudi Arabia in Joint Venture with Zan Modern Co. Ltd, has been awarded by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (MOMRA), the Contract for “Urban Planning for growth promotion of small and medium size cities”.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was one of the Countries that anticipated in Shanghai Expo 2010, with the theme “Better City – Better life” regarding the need for balanced urban and rural development. The Kingdom is currently making great efforts to raise the standards of living of its citizens through actions related to social development, as part of the National Spatial Strategy prepared by the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MOMRA), adopted in 2001.

The general objectives of the Project are to set out a comprehensive framework to support the role of small and medium-sized cities in achieving balanced development. This framework will set the priorities for the development through selection, studying and analyses of 16 small cities, and 16 medium cities, as a representative sample of small and medium cities in KSA. For the selected cities, the following goals need to be in accordance to the National Spatial Strategy and also to the Shanghai 2010 goals:

  • Understand the current urban system of Saudi Cities GIS geodatabase, mobile mapping and questionnaires to stakeholders
  • Identify successful international practices
  • Study and analyze current situation of selected small and medium size Saudi cities
  • Develop a framework supporting the growth of small and medium-sized cities achieving sustainable and balanced development, and
  • Propose work plans, programs and priority projects

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