EU funding available to improve energy performance in buildings in Africa

As part of the Horizon 2020 Work Programme 2018-2020 on Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy, the European Commission has launched a call for proposals with one topic that looks at how bioclimatic building designs can help to provide an answer to rapid urbanisation in Africa, whilst at the same time supporting the local economies.

The EU has earmarked a budget of €1 million for proposals addressing “Bioclimatic approaches for improving energy performance in buildings in Africa and Europe”. The objective of this topic is to study the performance of European and African bioclimatic building designs, and foster exchange and mutual learning between European and African stakeholders. The selected proposals should also promote the use of local materials, and local construction techniques, investigate how supply chains of local materials can be established or improved to cope with the fast paces of construction and to support local businesses.

Due to the specific challenges associated with this topic, proposals must involve at least one legal entity established in an EU Member State or Associated Country and at least one legal entity established an African country.

Find more information on the European Commission portal Funding & Tender opportunities.

Apply by 10 September!