FIDIC Young Professionals Award 2019

The call for nominations for the 2019 FIDIC YP Awards is open.

The 2019 FIDIC YP Award will recognise, reward and promote the remarkable achievements of YPs to the consultancy engineering industry worldwide and encourage further participation of YPs in FIDIC. The awards are expected to provide the following benefits:

  • YPs become more active and understand their responsibility for the future of the industry.
  • Member Associations (MAs) and Member Firms become more aware and positive of YP activities with special focus on related FIDIC activities.
  • Showcase best practices to others YPs, MAs, Member firms.
  • Show the pivotal role of FIDIC in empowering YPs all over the world.

YP Awards will be presented at the next FIDIC International Infrastructure Conference in Mexico City (8-10 September 2019).

The deadline for submissions to MA is 01 August, and for the selection of an applicant and submission to FIDIC by MA is 10 August 2019.