Integrated Management of Municipal Solid Waste in the Limassol District

Project: Consultancy Services for the preparation of all the necessary studies and documents for the construction and operation of installations for the integrated management of municipal solid waste in the Limassol District and supervision of the construction.

Contracting Authority: Ministry of Interior – Cyprus

Period: 2010-2018

Description of the Project:

The project includes:

  • Study for waste quantities and composition.
  • Master Plan &Feasibility study
  • Site selection study
  • EIA study
  • Technical design study
  • Cost-Βenefit analysis according to EU regulations
  • Application to the Cohesion Fund
  • Tender Documents
  • Construction Supervision

 The constructed facilities include:

  • MBT Plant
  • Landfill site
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Transfer Station

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