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Head Office: ΕΡΜΟΥ 18Α ΘΕΣΣΑΛΟΝΙΚΗ, Greece

About the Company

Representative Lastname: IOSIFIDIS
Representative Name: VASILIOS
Certifications: ISO: 9001
Fields of Activity: Water & Environment, Project Management, Construction Supervision
Other Field of Activity: Water Resources Management, Wastewater Management, Solid Waste Management, Εnvironmental Impact Assessment, Other sectors (GIS, Energy from Biomass, Optimization of water and wastewater treatment operation, Cost-Benefit Analysis, European transnational programmes, etc)
Certifications: ISO: 9001

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Company projects

Digital mapping - Leak detection program. (Thessaloniki Water and Sewage Company S.A.- E.Y.A.TH.)

The objective of the project was the detection of hidden leakages in the water supply network of E.Y.A.TH with the use of portable equipment. The methodology used included the detection of pipes that possibly suffer water loss with the use of noise detection equipment in the study area study. The more precise detection of the leakage is achieved with the use of noise correlation equipment and the verification of the exact location of the leakage with the use of a geophone. Our personnel are both experienced and specialized in hidden leakage detection and were ready to carry out the task of leakage detection around the clock. Prompt detection of water leakage leads to water saving, lower costs and avoidance of further damage in the water supply network.

Water supply, Sewerage network and W/w Treatment Plant for Nsork, Equatorial Guinea, Africa – design for construction

Preparation of final and implementation designs for the construction of water supply network, water treatment plant, sewerage collection system and waste water treatment plant in NSORK of Equatorial Guinea, Africa.

The water supply projects were designed for 10,000 population equivalent and include drilling, water tank, distribution network. The sewerage projects include the internal network and 5 pumping stations. The wastewater treatment plant will be built for 3,000 equivalent inhabitants using the method of artificial wetlands.

Vacuum sewage network of Nea Plagia , Chalkidiki region

Hydromanagement Ltd completed the design project for wastewater collection and transportation in Nea Plagia, Chalkidiki. The project serves a population equivalent of 8.300.

The study includes the following construction phases:

402 collection chambers - suction valves 3''
Vacuum sewer system consisting of 5.8 km of HDPE SDR11 piping network with monitoring system
Vacuum pumping station: building with basement and superstructure - ventilation - deodorization – automation study.

The study was conducted for the consortium "THALIS E.S. S.A. - MESOGEOS S.A.", which was the contractor of the project.

Wastewater treatment plants in the municipality of Evergetoula in the island of Lesvos

Hydromanagement Ltd conducted the design project for three Waste Water Treatment Plants in the municipality of Evergetoula in the island of Lesvos

WWTP with a capacity of 2.120 m3 /d, designed to serve a population of 7.000 inhabitants.
WWTP with a capacity of 180 m3 /d, designed to serve a population of 550 inhabitants.
WWTP with a capacity of 90 m3 /d, designed to serve a population of 300 inhabitants.

For the WWTP of 2.120 m3 /d secondary treatment with the method of activated sludge with extended aeration was chosen. For the other two units the treatment method used is primary treatment in Imhoff tanks.

The study was conducted for ALTEK S.A., which was the contractor of the project.

Construction of Alexandroupoli Landfill site – Budget of 6.200.000 €

Hydromanagement Ltd performed a design project for the construction of a Residue Sanitary Landfill in Alexandroupoli. The landfill site is part of a modern Integrated Waste Treatment Facilitiy in the eastern sector of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace region. The capacity of the landfill is 669.300 m3 and its operation serves a population of 260.000 inhabitants.

The following studies were performed:

Landfill basin configuration
Bottom, slope and top sealing
Leachate collection and treatment
Landfill gas management
Rainwater management
Structural calculations
Electromechanical calculations
Environmental monitoring and control
Landfill operational plan