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TWD Greece
Head Office: Agias Triados 1, Agia Paraskevi, 15343, Ελλάδα/Greece
Telephone: +302111990588

About the Company

Distinctive Title: TWD Greece
Representative Lastname: Papampouklis
Representative Name: Kostas
Certifications: ISO: 9001, ISO: 21500, ISO: 14001
Fields of Activity: Transportation, Water & Environment, Building, Energy Projects, Project Management, Construction Supervision
Other Field of Activity: Onshore/Offshore Wind - Heavy Civils - Transport & Heavy Lift - Vessel Outfitting - Cable Laying
Certifications: ISO: 9001, ISO: 21500, ISO: 14001

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Company projects

Blade Transport – Evia Onshore Wind Farm

To install an onshore wind farm on the island of Evia in Greece, TWD provided Anipsotiki with efficient transportation solutions. Anipsotiki planned to transport Vestas blades to the wind farm, but since there was no suitable port nearby, and transportation using the roads was not achievable, an intermediate sea transportation method became necessary.

Our marine engineers took up this challenge and conducted the required marine analyses. Based on these analyses, we delivered a transportation method that enabled the barge carrying the blades to safely reach the shore. Using a crane on the shore, Anipsotiki successfully unloaded the blades for the installation.

Duct Transport and Installation – Aghios Dimitrios Plant

Avax is developing a desulphurization unit in the Aghios Dimitrios power plant on behalf of PPC. This unit will bypass the exhaust gas of the plant through an absorber and release clean exhaust gas into the atmosphere. TWD assisted Avax with the transport and installation engineering of the heavy duct sections. Our designs included transport cradles, lifting arrangements, and the detailed design of a skidding and jacking system made for the installation of duct sections inside the cooling tower.

Our precise designs of the transport arrangements for the heavy modules ensured a safe and efficient operation.

Cable Carousel – Seamade OWF

Fulgor SA had plans to use an export power cable for the offshore installation on Seamade OWF. After the installation, the cable-laying vessel would return to the port while carrying a part of spare cable of approximately 2000m / 200t. Fulgor SA came to us looking for a way to safely store the spare cable. We helped with the design of the onshore cable carousel together with the load-out procedure and the required secondary equipment.

Our teams designed a storage carousel that could be easily disassembled to pieces in order to enable road transport. Our design included the slewing ring and the hydraulic motor used to rotate the carousel during load-out. Additionally, the dimensions of the carousel allowed it to be picked up by SPMTs and laid down on permanent support blocks at the storage area.

Mooring Analysis CL Atalanti – Sousaki

Asso.SubSea requested TWD to perform the quay mooring analysis for the load-out of a 16 km export cable for the Rampion OWF (UK). The cable was transported from Fulgor’s plant in Sousaki (GR) to their cable-laying vessel Atalanti. Our Marine Engineers determined the best configuration of the 6-point mooring spread and verified the capacity of the mooring lines, deck equipment, quay bollards, and anchor uplift, using the program Orcaflex. Analyses were run for weather-unrestricted operations, and the vessel translations were examined for both intact and single line contingency cases.

Additionally, we verified the cable bending limits for the vessel position envelope, ensuring a flawless and safe operation.