New Board of Directors at HELLASCO for the biennium 2024-2025. The term of Despina Kallidromitou, current President, is renewed

On January 8, 2024, the new Board of Directors of the Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO), which emerged from the elections of December 14, 2023, was formed. The composition of the new BoD, which has a two-year term, as follows:

Despina Kallidromitou President EPSILON S.A.
Ioannis Ladopoulos Α’ Vice-President DEKTIS CONSULTANT ENGINEERS S.A.
Stavros Damianidis Β’ Vice-President LDK CONSULTANTS S.A.
Goerge Ntoulis Secretary General GEOTECHNICAL INVESTIGATIONS S.A.
Theodoros Deligiannidis Deputy Secretary DELCO L.L.C.
Ioanna Xanthopoulou Financial Manager HYDRODOMIKI ENGINEERING CONSULTANTS L.L.C.
Eleftherios Digonis Μember MEAS S.A.
Alexandros – Arkadios Tsavdaroglou Α’ Deputy Member SCHEDIASMOS S.A.
Evangelos Pappas Β’ Deputy Member OIKOM L.T.D.

The president of HELLASCO, Mrs. Despina Kallidromitou, in the context of the renewal of her term and the assumption of her new duties, stated: “It is a great honor to be re-elected to this role by the members of the HELLASCO’s BoD. Through this role, I assume not only the duty to represent HELLASCO, but also to promote a modern agenda in a period of intense changes, both socio-economic and technological, as well as environmental. HELLASCO has a pivotal role in the development planning and implementation of major infrastructure projects. HELLASCO places important issues very high on the agenda of the discussions with the various agencies, such as strengthening the extroversion of engineering companies through partnerships, synergies, merges and acquisitions, healthy competition with domestic and foreign companies, the integration of disruptive technologies, the design and adaptation of projects infrastructure to climate change etc. In this context, the new BoD of HELLASCO will cooperate with all national and international bodies and will actively participate in institutional and legislative committees for the planning and implementation of actions, reforms, structural changes and measures related to the orderly operation of the engineering consulting industry. In addition, HELLASCO members will continue to participate in several thematic committees dealing with issues which are high on Europe’s agenda, such as extroversion, disruptive technologies, water, climate change etc. HELLASCO’s aim is to embrace and reinforce the healthy, competitive and extroverted entrepreneurship of its members”.