New Parking Management Plan Project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

We are proud to announce that SALFO has been awarded a milestone transportation project in KSA. The principal scope of this project is the development of a full National Parking Management Plan for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will formulate the overall National Master Parking Strategy System forthe whole country. The study will involve research in 20 cities with population more than 200,000 inhabitants and will address all issues of parking behavior in order to elaborate an efficient centralized parking management, control and information system for the KSA.

The Plan will include the assessment – and revision, as necessary –  of all the existing parking systems in KSA. The assessment concerns: conducting passenger intercept surveys, gathering data on daily movements, collecting archived system data that documents in and out counts at the lots, as well as conducting a series of interviews with the stakeholders. Based on the research /surveys results, we will develop a unique environment of applications for GEO-data based parking management system with the use of a properly calibrated mathematical model. Through the use of Variable Message Signs [VMS], these systems can provide motorists with real-time information about parking availability at appropriate decision points on their route so that they can make an informed decision about where to park.

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