Participation of a company – member of HELLASCO in the NATURA 2000 AWARDS 2018

Piraeus Bank filed for NATURA 2000 AWARDS 2018 (category Communication) a proposal for awarding the project entitled:

“The Lake Stymphalia interpretation path: Following the steps of Hercules on a natural and cultural heritage journey, on the route of interpretation” that is concerned with the interpretation path of “ Man and nature on the paths of time “and implemented on April 2017 by the member company of HELLASCO ECOM LTD, Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation and the Municipality of Sikyonion, under the LIFE Stymfalia program. The candidacy was distinguished between 75 total applications and is on the list of 25 finalists and the 5 best candidates for her category.

The proposal gained the interest due to the original two-fold interpretation of the ecological and cultural elements of the protected area in the signage of the path. It was also deemed  important that the NATURA 2000 Network’s importance and benefits are promoted through the pathway, both in the protection of the wetland and in the promotion of the area. You can support the candidacy by voting here.