Who we are

The Hellenic Association of Consulting Firms (HELLASCO) is a non-profit organisation founded in 1981, representing Greek consulting firms that are mainly involved in the provision of consulting services for design, planning and implementation of technical and development projects and programmes of the public and private sector in Greece and abroad.
The core aims of HELLASCO are:

  • to promote and safeguard the professional rights of its members,
  • to constantly improve the conditions for exercising of its members’ profession,
  • to continuously develop and expand the activities of its members,
  • to promote cooperation among its members,
  • to bring into public attention the Work of its members, and
  • to constantly enhance the scientific level of its members.

The governing body of the Association is the General Assembly, which is held at least once a year, in December.
The Association is run by the Board of Directors, which is elected every two years and consists of nine (9) regular and two (2) deputy members.
In order to achieve its aims, HELLASCO through its Board of Directors, undertakes a host of actions and measures, such as:

  • collaborates with competent bodies in formulating and developing the legal and institutional framework that governs the activities of its members in Greece
  • cooperates with national and international services contracting authorities to promote the professional goals of its members
  • seeks by all appropriate means the correct application of the current institutional framework by the contracting authorities to its members
  • makes representations, proposals and announcements to competent Greek or European Commission Authorities or other international bodies, to promote and effect the aims of the Association
  • appeals to Justice to protect the interests of its members independently or by assisting in corresponding appeals from its members
  • negotiates and signs collective employment agreements for its members
  • participates in relevant international organisations and their activities
  • undertakes on its own, or in collaboration with other bodies, surveys and studies regarding the consulting and services sector, to promote its aims
  • participates in Greek or international projects to support the development of its members and the Association itself
  • organises and participates in events and conferences in order to promote the Association’s aims
  • informs its members about national and international trends regarding professional practice
  • organises and participates in training and educational seminars about its purposes
  • publishes journals, books and other documents related to its aims and activities
  • gathers and presents or publishes data and information material on its members and their activities
  • issues, or takes part in issuing, quality certificates and other certifications to its members
  • issues confirmation letters and certificates to its members regarding information at its disposal.

The activities of the Association are recorded in the annual Action Report of the Board of Directors and are presented in the regular General Assembly meeting at the end of each year.
Till to date, as Presidents of HELLASCO have served Mr. Yiannis Stavrakas (1982-1985), Mr Vassilios Vavaroutas (1986-87), Mr. Grigorios Drettas (1988-1991 and 1996-97), Mr. Dimitrios Fessas (1992-1993), Mr. Constantinos Tzanos (1994-1995), Mr. Panos Panagopoulos (1998-2001), Mr. Haris Mylonas (2002-2003), Mr. Panayiotis Antonaropoulos (2004-2007), Mr. Petros Petrakopoulos (2008-2011), Mr. Andreas Loukatos (2012-2013), Mr. Georgios Kazos (2014-2015) Mr. Constantinos Kalergis (2016-2019),  Mr. Panagis Toniolos (2020-2021),  Mrs. Despina Kallidromitou  (2022-2023). In January 2024 Mrs. Despina Kallidromitou was again elected president.
HELLASCO is a member and country representative in the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and the European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations (EFCA).
Also, the Association is a member of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises (SEV).