The EU BIM Task Group Booklet in Greek

As expected, the EU BIM Task Group Manual for the adoption of the Building Information Modeling (BIM) by the European public sector was also published in the Greek language.

It is reminded that in the proceedings and capitalization of the Conclusions of the 2017 Conference, HELLASCO has taken the initiative – as an expedited body – to set up a special working group for the promotion of BIM in our country and to facilitate the consulting companies to adapt timely to the international developments and requirements.

Furthermore, since March 2018, HELLASCO participates in EFMA’s BIM Task Force, which is systematically and thoroughly involved with the issue and is one of the main stakeholders of both the European Commission (participating in the CEN Technical Committee 442 – BIM) but also the ISO 19650 Editorial Working Group (Information Management using building information modeling).

Soon, there will be more detailed information for the HELLASCO member companies concerning the developments of BIM.