ZERO-PLUS: Achieving a significant cost reduction of up to 26.7% during designing settlements

A new completed EU-funded applicative research project proved significant cost reduction of up to 26.7% when designing settlement rather than building NZEs. The ZERO-PLUS project, focused on reducing cost and net regulated energy consumption, with improved generation of renewable energy at the settlement-level instead of on single buildings. The approach brought together settlement planners, building designers, technology developers and suppliers, energy efficiency and renewable energy experts, contractors, and building owners to collaborate from the earliest stages. The approach included three phases, Design, Construction and Occupancy, with each having its own set of activities, as well as its own methodologies and tools, developed within the project for each phase. The impressive results of the project proved successful in four deployed pilot projects across Europe: UK (York), France (Voreppe), Italy (Granarolo dell’ Emilia), and Cyprus (Nicosia). With post occupancy evaluation, presents tenants satisfaction alongside the above-planned results of:

  • Up to 26.7% cost reduction
  • Up to 123 KWh/m2/year

More info for companies and professionals of the consulting and building sector HERE