Achieving the Paris Agreement: FIDIC commitments

The consulting engineering industry, represented by FIDIC, the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, has confirmed for COP23, its statement of operational and monitoring commitments to help achieve the objectives of the agreement that was entered into by the Conference of the Parties (COP) at its 21st Session in November 2016 in Paris. The Consulting engineering industry meets a large proportion of the 600 billion US dollars per year world demand for services arising from 6 trillion US dollar investments in buildings, plant and other infrastructure which influences climate. It commits to improve its capacity to contribute delivering sustainable solutions.

FIDIC commitments cover three main areas:

  1. The development of the actions and tools needed to implement sustainability requirements in different sectors at scales ranging from buildings and infrastructure through to industries, transport systems and cities;
  2. The systematic integration in training programmes of specific sustainability considerations, with a focus on climate change mitigation and adaptation;
  3. The duty to advise clients with regard to corporate responsibility and sustainability.

FIDIC will implement its programme of voluntary commitments through the Federation’s committees and task forces and through its national Member Associations and their member firms. Monitoring of the programme will be undertaken by Member Associations, which will report to FIDIC.

FIDIC will seek to enter agreements to implement its commitments at the international and sectoral levels in order to promote effective partnerships and to strengthen complementarities between all stakeholders in the built environment.